5 Commendable Benefits of Compression Therapy

benefits of compression therapy

Learn 5 meritorious benefits of compression therapy from the therapist near you and how it improves blood flow.

Compression therapy has been used since ancient times for the treatment of wounds, inflammation, and various other conditions. Modern-day researches have established the effectiveness of compression therapy. In compression therapy, controlled pressures are used to improve the blood flow to the heart and legs. The efficacy of compression therapy increases when combined with movement. When a person walks it activates the calf muscles and the compression pumps blood towards the heart. The amount of compression required depends on the severity of the condition in question. Some of the well-researched benefits of compression therapy are discussed in this article.

Better Blood Flow

  • When a person stays in a standing or sitting position for a few hours legs and feet begin to swell. This happens because the veins in the lower limbs have to fight against gravity to push the blood back to the heart. Compression therapy or the use of compression garments put gentle pressure on the legs, thereby, squeezing the legs and making the blood flow faster. This prevents the accumulation of fluid in the legs by keeping it from leaking out of the blood vessels in the legs.

Compression garments are quite useful for individuals traveling for hours and those who stand on their feet at work. Compression therapy helps reduce swelling during long periods of standing or sitting.

Prevention And Treatment Of Varicose Veins

  • Veins in the legs have valves that allow the blood to move in one direction. This is how the blood is pushed from the legs back to the heart. In unfortunate circumstances, the valves become defective and hinder the blood flow. The blood begins to pool in the veins thus leading to a condition known as varicose veins. Veins twist and swell and cause pain in the legs. Compression therapy helps alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with varicose veins. 

Additionally, compression therapy can help prevent the development of varicose veins in the first place. Therefore, the use of compression stockings is beneficial for treating and preventing varicose veins.

Reduction In The Appearance Of Cellulite

  • Cellulite is the cause of distress for many women. It is the name given to a condition in which the fat buildup underneath the skin of thighs, stomach, and buttocks. The exact causes are not known but it may have a genetic predisposition. Scientific studies indicate that blood circulation has something to do with it. Compression therapy has been shown to be useful for the reduction of cellulite in recent studies. Despite helping prevent cellulite, compression therapy is also a scientifically proven way of decreasing the appearance of visible veins. 

Veins become visible due to the buildup of pressure which causes them to become distended. Compression therapy works wonders in mitigating the built-up pressure and by improving the blood flow.

Alleviates Pain

  • Compression is great for keeping the muscles warm and flexible. This has an additional advantage for athletes because when muscles are warm they have a wider range of motion. Compression therapy, therefore, improves athletic performance.

Compression garments are also used for relieving chronic pain. This again works by compressing the muscles and improving blood circulation. Muscles become light and relaxed and pain decreases.

Speeds Up The Recovery

  • After an intense workout lactic acid builds up in the muscles which causes pain and discomfort for days after the workout. Compression therapy effectively supports the drainage of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes by increasing the blood flow. This helps speed up the recovery process both after an intense workout and surgery.

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