5 Incredible Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy That Everyone Should Know

Therapists near you reveal 5 surprising benefits of infrared sauna therapy

Infrared red saunas are the more evolved form of traditional saunas that use hot air to warm your body. Infrared saunas use special lamps that emit infrared radiations to warm your body. Infrared is powerful electromagnetic radiation that has shorter wavelengths compared to visible light.  

Infrared saunas are more effective than conventional saunas as the rays easily penetrate the human body and deliver therapeutic effects on a much deeper level. These operate at temperatures in the range of 120˚F and 140˚F which is lower than traditional saunas that operate at 150˚F and 180˚F. Hence in infrared saunas, the body does not get excessively warm. 

Infrared sauna therapy offers a number of health benefits. Let us take a look at them. 

Faster Blood Circulation

  • Infrared rays penetrate the layers of the skin and reach the network of blood capillaries lying deep inside the body. The heat from the rays causes the capillaries to expand which increases the flow of blood. As a result, nutrients and oxygen are delivered at a faster rate to different parts of the body. 

IR rays activate the sebaceous glands as well. This helps clean the pores from accumulated cosmetic junk, sweat, and debris, resulting in acne-free skin.  
Improves The Working of The Cardiovascular System

  • Research has shown that infrared rays improve the working of the cardiovascular system by increasing cardiac output and heart rate and decreasing diastolic blood pressure. The infrared rays warm up the gentle tissue that lines the blood vessels which results in improved blood circulation and a strengthened cardiovascular system. 

Aids in Lymphatic Detoxification

Sauna therapy has proved to be quite beneficial in the detoxification of lymphatic waste from the body. Over time the body accumulates toxins such as heavy metals, lactic acid, free fatty acids, sodium, and uric acid. Prolonged accumulation of these toxins is very harmful to the body. However, undergoing IR therapy is a good way to detoxify the body. When IR rays interact with clogged vessels, the heat from the rays expands the capillaries, and hidden and dissolved toxins are melted. As a result, fats, chemicals and, toxins are removed from the body.

  • IR rays in the range of 8-10 microns act on the large water molecules that surround the toxins. This causes the water molecules to vibrate. As a result, the ion bonds that hold the water together are weakened. Gradually, the bonds are broken and the toxins materials and gasses are released. They are expelled from the body as waste. 

Faster Healing of Wounds

Wounds are healed when the damage caused to the tissue is repaired. When the body is exposed to infrared rays, it stimulates fibroblasts that occur inside the cell. Fibroblasts are organelles that are responsible for making collagen. Collagen gives strength and elasticity to the tissues. Increased production of collagen helps in the speedy recovery of wounds. 

  • Infrared rays also interact with the subcellular DNA and support the synthesis of protein and DNA. these are important elements for tissue repair and regeneration. Increased synthesis of protein and DNA helps heal scar tissue, burn marks, acne marks, and improves the appearance of wrinkles due to increased production of collagen.  

Aids in Pain Management

  • Infrared rays ease nervous tension and relax auto-neuro muscles. This helps in soothing aches, pain management and improves the healing abilities of the body. 

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