Can Cryotherapy Make You Healthier?

Can Cryotherapy Make You Healthier

Top therapists near you discuss ‘can cryotherapy make you healthier’?

Medical science is an ever-evolving field. Scientists and researchers are always looking for ways to use different elements of nature to heal medical ailments. Advancements in modern technology have introduced us to cryotherapy or cold therapy. It is a process wherein the body is subjected to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. The body is placed in enclosed chambers where the temperatures fall as low as minus 200 to 300°F. 

  • The theory behind cryotherapy is that extremely cold temperatures can deliver multiple health benefits to the body. It can heal sore muscles, relieve painful joints and stop the growth of cancerous cells, etc. Cold therapy can be applied to one problem-causing part of the body or it can be administered to the entire body. This type of cryotherapy is called whole-body cryotherapy (WBC).

Cryotherapy can be administered through ice packs, coolant sprays, ice massages, and ice baths, etc. Cryotherapy is a new form of medical treatment. Let us take a look at how it can help us lead better and healthier lives.

Helps in Alleviating Muscular Pain

  • Cryotherapy has been helpful in relieving muscular pain. The below-freezing temperatures can offer relief from joint and muscle disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. It also improves blood circulation which speeds up the healing of muscular injuries. Athletes often undergo cryotherapy for quick relief from pain and injuries. 

Sore muscles and muscular tears caused due to intense exercise can undergo quick healing when ice packs are applied over them. Cold therapy helps in pain management as well as the ice packs temporarily numb the area and pain sensations are blocked.  

May Aid in Weight Loss

  • Cryotherapy may not offer the most direct route to weight loss, however in can aid in the journey of weight management and loss. The idea behind cryotherapy and weight loss lies in the fact that when the body is cold, more energy is needed to keep it warm. Hence, greater dissipation of energy can aid in weight loss. 

Along with that, some evidence suggests that exposure to ultracold temperatures can boost metabolism which results in faster burning of calories. Another way cryotherapy aids in weight loss is that it helps people get back to their fitness routine faster as it heals pain and injuries. 

Can Prevent Growth of Cancer-Causing Cells

  • Whole-body cryotherapy lowers inflammation in the body. Inflammation occurs when the immune system tries to fight off an infection. Chronic inflammation can cause disruption in the growth of body cells. Abnormal growth of cells leads to cancer. 

Since cryotherapy helps deal with inflammation, it prevents the growth of cancer-causing cells as well. Medical cryotherapy also helps reduce cancer cells that are already occurring inside the body. It works by freezing their growth. 

Helps Deal With Post Surgery Distress

Most surgeries are invasive in nature and they disrupt the functioning of the body. Swellings, bruising, eating disorders, and pain are the aftermaths of all surgeries. Cryotherapy helps deal with the unwanted aftermaths of surgery and in bringing the body functions back to normal. 

When we subject our bodies to cold therapy, blood circulation increases, and oxidative stress is reduced. Cryotherapy can help the person cope with post-op stress in the following ways:

  • Relief from pain
  • Reduction in bodily inflammation
  • Speedy repair of muscles and tendons
  • Post-surgery depression is reduced

Reduces Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin disease. It is caused due to bodily inflammation. This results in itchy patches of dry skin. Since cryotherapy reduces inflammation, it helps with eczema as well. 

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