Cryo Facials 101 – Understanding The Basics

cryo facials

How do cryo facials work? Top dermatologists around you explain everything in simple words

Our skin is the largest organ. It not only performs multiple important functions but also adds to the physical beauty of a person. Skin is subjected to multiple harsh elements such as pollution, sunlight, and UV rays throughout the day. Exposure to these elements damages the skin, causes inflammation, and accelerates aging.
Skin requires a rejuvenating boost every now and then. Cryo facials are gaining much popularity as a rejuvenating beauty treatment that helps reverse signs of aging and damage caused by environmental pollutants. Let us take a look at how cryo facials work and what are their benefits.

Working Mechanism of Cryo Facials

  • Cryo facials are a sub-division of cryotherapy. During these facials, cold temperature is applied to your face. The cold causes your blood vessels to first shrink and then dilate, as the sensation of cold wears off. The alternate shrinkage and dilation cause an increase in the blood flow to the face which leads to an enhanced supply of nutrients to the skin. This speeds up the healing and restorative process of the skin, leaving it supple, fresh, and tight. 

The alternate contraction and dilation of blood vessels also help with facial inflammation. Along with that, cryo facials help reduce the symptoms of certain skin conditions such as acne and atopic dermatitis

How Are Cryo Facials Performed?

The following steps are common to all types of cryo facials:

Preparation Before The Session

  • Before the treatment starts, the face is thoroughly cleaned and massaged. Doing so helps in lymphatic drainage and enables the face to get rid of toxins. It also eases tension from the face. 
  • The aesthetician might expose you to a steam session to open and unclog facial pores. Any active acne will be treated and extracted with a short microdermabrasion session. 
  • Advanced salons and spas offer certain photo treatment sessions wherein the skin is exposed to different frequencies of light. The light acts as a bactericide and also stimulates collagen production. These treatments, combined with cryo facials, can do wonders for your skin.  

What Happens During The Actual Session?

The following steps are performed during a cryo facial session:

  • Protective goggles are placed over the eyes. 
  • The face is exposed to a blast of cold liquid nitrogen which exists at subfreezing temperatures. The cold nitrogen is pumped all over the face with the help of a tube that is attached to the cryotherapy machine. The nozzle of the tube is equipped with lasers which monitor the temperature of your face at all time. 
  • The nitrogen-blasting tube is moved constantly across the face. Doing this makes sure that all areas of the face are treated equally. 
  • A single session lasts for 2-3 minutes. In some spas, a cryo facial session is followed by other beauty treatments such as a red LED light therapy that enhances the radiance of the skin. It can be followed by a facial massage and topped with a hydrating mask to improve the skin’s health. 

The results from cryo facials become apparent in no time. 


Cryo facials offer the following skin benefits:

Help Manage Acne

When the sebaceous glands are exposed to temperatures below -8 degrees Celsius, the number of active sebocytes is reduced and less sebum is produced. This helps in the prevention of acne. 

Skin Pores Are Tightened

Cryotherapy results in tightened skin pores. Before the procedure, the pores are opened through steam and cleaned. The cold then shrinks the pores. This result is clean, dirt-free, and tightened pores that make the skin appear healthy. 

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