5 Fascinating Facts About EMSculpt Body Contouring

emsculpt body contouring

Learn 5 interesting facts about EMSculpt body contouring

EMSculpt Body Contouring is a non-invasive procedure that helps reduce fat while building muscle. It also effectively increases the metabolic rate of your body. 

If you are living an active lifestyle, but find it difficult to achieve your dream body goal, EMSculpt is the right procedure for you. A single treatment takes only 30mins and can be done as an in-office procedure. We have compiled 5 fascinating facts about EMSculpt Body Contouring. Read about them below:  

It Is Painless

  • EMSculpt Body Contouring is a completely harmless and painless procedure. This is because there are no needles and injections. The EMS machine straps on your body and delivers a high-intensity electromagnetic field. This causes over 200,000 muscle contractions and relaxations. 

Patients reported feeling sore after the treatment. They compared this soreness with an intense workout. The technician controls the intensity level of the EMSculpt machine. Intensity is kept at a level that is most comfortable to the patient.  

There Are No Side Effects

  • It is an FDA-approved non-invasive treatment. Several studies have been conducted that confirm EMSculpt having zero side effects. 

Patients are willing to get EMSculpt Body Contouring to need to fill out a questionnaire. This helps to identify if they are eligible for the procedure. Usually, people who have pacemakers, and any electronic or metal device in their bodies are deemed not fit. Pregnant women are also told to wait until they have delivered the baby. If you are suffering from hypoxemia or any heart-related condition, you need an assessment to see if you can safely undergo this procedure.  

No Pre-Treatment Preparations Required

  • Most experts recommend EMSculpt for people who exercise and take a healthy diet. EMSculpt is a procedure that helps in toning, contouring, fat reduction, and muscle building. Results appear quicker in people who have an active lifestyle. 

Since it is a non-invasive procedure, no pre-treatment preparations are required. Patients don’t need to fast nor do they need to follow special instructions.

It Builds Muscle

  • The EMSculpt machine has been often referred to as a miniature MRI machine by experts. It uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field. When it is strapped to your belly, it causes the muscles there to have more than 200,000 contractions and relaxations. This causes muscles to build up while burning fat. Some studies have indicated as much as 16% muscle buildup and 15% fat burn. 

When you perform abdominal exercises, you are able to affect only 50% of your muscles. The EMSculpt machine allows 100% of your muscles to be affected. Patients have described a sore feeling in their abdomen, similar to after an intense pilates and lunges workout.  

Results Appear Quickly

  • If you are enjoying an active lifestyle, combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet, you will notice the results of EMSculpt within 2 weeks. Usually, all patients report noticing intended and positive effects by their 4th week. 

Depending on your current situation, experts will recommend a treatment plan to you. Most people schedule 4 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart. 

EMSculpt Body Contouring is relatively new as compared to other technologies that are offered in most clinics. It is designed for people who find it difficult to achieve toning and muscle buildup despite having a healthy lifestyle. If you too are finding it impossible to lose the last few pounds to get your perfect body goal, we highly recommend setting up an appointment with Ucryo & Recovery. We are located in Bartonville, Texas. After a detailed analysis, our specialists will offer you an EMSculpt Body Contouring treatment plan. We will also recommend what lifestyle changes you need so that EMSclupt’s results can last for years.