A Beginner’s Guide to Cryo Facials

cryo facials

Here is a brief discussion about cryo facials. How it is safe, inexpensive, fast, and effective treatment for your skin

Skin is the largest human organ. It performs multiple functions such as offering a protective layer for the organs underneath, acting as a gateway for the exchange of gasses, and sensing multiple stimuli. The facial skin in particular adds aesthetic value to the personality. Exposure to environmental pollutants damages the skin cells, leaving them looking dull and aged. Inflammation, discoloration, and loss of elasticity are signs of aging skin. 

However, these signs are not permanent and by undergoing certain rejuvenation treatments, you can retain your skin’s youthful appearance and reverse the damages. Cryo facial therapy is one such safe, inexpensive, fast and effective treatment that has multiple skin benefits. 

Let us take a look at the working of cryo facials and the benefits it offers. 

What is a Cryo Facial?

  • Cryo facials is an extension of cryotherapy. The latter is a popular treatment in which the body, or some parts of it, is subjected to extremely cold temperatures. Exposure to the cold is beneficial for the body as it relieves multiple ailments, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation. 

Cryo facials are a cosmetic procedure with a particular focus on facial skin. During this procedure, cold air is blown across the face with the help of a machine. Forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose are targeted. The entire procedure takes 10-12 minutes. The skin’s appearance and texture improve considerably after getting a  cryo facial. 

Benefits of Cryo Facials

Cryo facials result in brighter and more evenly toned skin. The appearance of age spots and other discoloration is reduced considerably. Another benefit of cryo facials is that they stimulate collagen production. Following are the most notable benefits of cryo facials:

  • They result in rejuvenated skin with diminished signs of aging due to increased collagen production
  • Age spots, acne, and skin blemishes reduce
  • Skin appears more smooth, refined, plump, and supple
  • Skin is able to combat anti-inflammation 
  • Exfoliation is increased which results in smoother looking skin
  • Results in strengthened skin
  • Whole-body cryotherapy can improve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis

How Do Cryotherapy Facials Work?

Cryo facials produce an effect and sensation similar to rubbing ice on the face. However, with cryo facials, the intensity of cold is increased and it is distributed more evenly across the face. When the face encounters cold air, the skin undergoes multiple processes such as the following: 

  • When the skin comes in contact with cold temperatures, the blood vessels contract. 
  • After a brief period, they dilate to their original position. 
  • This quick contraction and dilation increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the skin cells. An increased supply of nutrient-rich blood rejuvenates the skin, giving it a fresh and glowy appearance. 
  • This reduces inflammation as well and the face looks less swollen after the procedure. 

Cryo facials increase the plumpness and softness of lips as well. 

What Precautions to Take Before The Treatment?

The following do’s and don’ts should be followed before getting cryo facials:

  • Maintain a gap of at least 14 days in between getting Botox and cryo facials. The same goes for other dermal fillers. 
  • Drink an ample amount of water before undergoing the treatment to avoid dehydration. 
  • Don’t use exfoliating or other irritating products on your skin before this treatment. 
  • Don’t wear heavy makeup when you come to the spa or clinic to get a cryo facial. 

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