6 Beginner Tips for Using Infrared Saunas

infrared saunas

Here are a few benefits and tips for using infrared saunas – compiled by experts

Infrared saunas are gaining much popularity due to their multiple healing properties and the relaxing experience they provide. Instead of heat, these saunas use electromagnetic radiation to warm up the body directly. These radiations are emitted from infrared lamps. 

These saunas increase the body’s core temperature to 66 degrees Celsius. Infrared rays are energetic rays that have a high penetrating power. These rays penetrate deep into the body and fix minor injuries and abnormalities that are found in the deep tissues of the body. They also detox the body through sweating action. 

Infrared saunas have a lot of benefits but before undergoing the treatment one should be fully aware of the risks and precautions to take. Listed below are some important tips for beginners:

Get A Medical Clearance From Your Doctor

Before undergoing red light therapy, it is important to get medical clearance from a medical practitioner. Your doctor will evaluate your past medical history, tolerance for high heat, blood pressure, and other factors to determine your safety for this procedure. People with the following medical conditions especially need to seek medical clearance before undergoing this treatment:

  • Irregular nerve and motor functions. People who have neurological deficits may become uncomfortable by the intensity of heat and can develop heat or burn injuries. 
  • Pregnant women should consult their physician about the safety, benefits, and risks of sauna therapy. 
  • People with cardiovascular disorders such as heart arrhythmia and a history of angina attacks should consult their doctor before undergoing this treatment. The heat from the sauna can increase heart rate and cause arrhythmia. 
  • Older people and children should not seek this treatment unless their medical practitioner clears them for it. 

Abstain From Drinking Alcohol

  • Avoid consuming alcohol for at least 48 hours before undergoing infrared sauna therapy. The reason is that alcohol causes dehydration and if the body is already experiencing low water levels, then it will become more susceptible to heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Hence it is recommended to cleanse your system from alcohol before undergoing infrared therapy. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

  • Since infrared therapy works by elevating the body’s temperature and detoxification through sweating, it is important to keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after this procedure. Carry a water bottle with you and drink if you feel thirsty, or light-headed during the procedure or if you sweat profusely after the procedure. 

Keep The Initial Sessions Short

  • Start the therapy with small sessions that last no more than 10-15 minutes. Once the body becomes accustomed, you can increase the length of the session by adding a couple of minutes to each session. For most people, 3 sessions per week are enough. 

Don’t Undergo This Treatment if You Have Skin Conditions

  • People with extremely sensitive skins or those who have certain skin conditions such as eczema should abstain from infrared therapy. The reason is that high temperatures will irritate the skin and may exacerbate the skin condition. Wait for the condition to heal before undergoing this treatment. 

Recent Injury and Open Wound

  • IR Sauna therapy is effective at healing wounds and injuries. However, recent injuries and open wounds that may have occurred due to a sprain, bruising, surgery, or laceration should not be exposed to heat in the form of IR therapy. Wait for the wound to heal for 48 hours or for the inflammation to reduce. 

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