Semaglutide Tablets for Weight Loss – All You Need to Know

When to consider semaglutide tablets for weight loss – Your guide

Rybelsus is an FDA-approved medicine used for treating type-2 diabetes. It has the same active ingredient as Wegovy and Ozempic injections. Ozempic is also used for treating diabetes, whereas Wegovy is approved as an anti-obesity medicine. Rybelsus regulates blood sugar levels, slows down digestion, and suppresses appetite. Rybelsus medicines are taken orally once per day. 

Rybelsus is prescribed for overweight and obese individuals diagnosed with type-2 diabetes with a BMI of 30 and above. Even though it is used for treating type-2 diabetes, it also promotes healthy weight loss among individuals. However, unlike Wegovy injections, Rybelsus cannot be prescribed as a weight loss medicine alone. 

Let us explore how Rybelsus works, its dosage, and its effectiveness in weight management.   

The Working Mechanism of Rybelsus

Semaglutide is the active ingredient of Rybelsus. Semaglutide belongs to the same family of drugs as Saxenda, although their working has minor differences. Rybelsus regulates blood sugar levels by mimicking the function of GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1), a naturally occurring hormone. Semaglutide, or Rybselsus, is an analogue, which means it amplifies the functioning of the GLP-1 hormone.

 Semaglutide regulates blood sugar levels in the following ways:

  • Stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin when the blood sugar levels are too high. Insulin is an important hormone that directs the glucose from the blood into the cells, where it is used for energy production.
  • It signals the liver to release excess glucose into the bloodstream when the body requires energy. This reduces fat deposition in the liver. 

As a result, blood sugar is managed effectively, reducing hyperglycemia in individuals with type-2 diabetes. The intake of Rybelsus also delays gastric emptying, and individuals don’t feel hungry for prolonged durations. Fewer calorie intake and controlled blood sugar can result in gradual weight loss. 

Is Rybelsus Worth It?

  • Several clinical studies and trials have indicated the effectiveness of Rybselsus for weight loss. Even though it is primarily used for controlling diabetes, physiologists observed a commendable weight loss in patients who were treated with this medicine for up to 52 weeks. Patients lost as much as 10% of their body weight or an average of 4.5 kg. Considerable reduction in the waistline and other fatty body parts was also observed. 

Another advantage of Rybselsus is that being an oral medicine; it is easier to take. Most weight loss medicines, such as Wegovy and Liraglutide, are used as injectables. However, Rybselsus is taken as a pill which is a much easier route of administration.  

Recommended Dosage of Rybelsus

semaglutide tablets for weight loss

The dosage of Rybselsus pills is increased gradually. This allows the body to adjust to the pills and minimize the side effects of the treatment. The dosage schedule is as follows:

  • During the first month of the treatment, you have to take one pill of 3mg dose once per day. 
  • During the second month, the dosage of the pill will be increased to 7mg. One pill per day. 
  • If the body tolerates the treatment well, then the dosage of the pill may be increased to 14mg during the third month of the treatment. This is the highest recommended dose for Rybelsus. The recommended dose is one pill per day. 

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