The 8 Benefits of Cryotherapy on Your Health

benefits of cryotherapy

Here are the top 8 benefits of Cryotherapy as explained by a therapist near you

Have you ever thought of immersing yourself in a super cold tank while chilled air blows at your body from every direction? If no, you should look into it! Cryotherapy is quickly gaining momentum as the hot new treatment option for anything from nerve pain to minor injuries and even some types of cancer! Cryo has been known to improve not only physical symptoms but mood disorders too. 

So what is it about cryo that makes it so popular? Before we dive into that, let’s take a look at what cryo treatment is and how exactly it works.

The Ins and Outs of Cryotherapy

  • Essentially, cryotherapy involves sitting or standing in a cryo-chamber or enclosed space for some period of time. While you’re in there, you get sprayed with super cool air vapour, which plunges your body into near hypothermia. Don’t worry, you won’t actually get hypothermia! The treatment only makes your body feel like it’s happening so that it triggers a heat response in return.

There are many types of cryotherapy. There is Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), which obviously treats and targets your overall body. You also have the option of choosing localized cryotherapy which can alleviate pain or discomfort from one specific body part. Some people also opt for cryo facials. These involve spraying pressurized liquid nitrogen vapor into the face and neck to stimulate the skin and reduce signs of aging.

  • While the popular form of cryotherapy is non-invasive and carried out in a spa-like setting, this treatment is also used by certain medical professions. Doctors have used this treatment to freeze off cancerous cells or warts.

Cryo treatment is generally safe but you should always consult with your doctor before you start a course. Once you get the go-ahead, you can sign up and start reaping benefits right away!

#1: Alleviates Pain and Promotes Muscle Healing

  • Proper and consistent cryotherapy can help alleviate and soothe muscle pain and can also treat joint and muscle disorders. It’s especially important for athletes as it can help treat athletic injuries and also improve performance in general.

Imagine putting on an ice pack if you’ve suffered a minor injury or swelling. That’s exactly how cryo treatment works, just on a slightly bigger scale. Cooling down a muscle or joint causes the body to increase blood flow. As blood circulation increases, more blood gets pushed into the muscles, meaning you will feel less sore and stiff.

#2: Accelerates Weight Loss

  • Cryotherapy can greatly help boost the weight loss process. In theory, as your body reacts to extreme temperatures, it works extra hard to keep itself warm. In doing so, it pushes blood to your core, heating it up. As this process happens, your body burns calories because it’s trying to use them to keep warm. Cryo treatment can also increase your metabolic rate temporarily. If you keep getting the treatment, you will find a permanent increase in your metabolism.

#3: Lowers Inflammation

  • Inflammation is often the root cause behind a lot of chronic diseases, illnesses, and pains. If your immune system becomes overly active, it can lead to aggressive inflammation which can in turn cause unpleasant diseases like diabetes, cancer, mood disorders, and others. As such, reducing inflammation overall can greatly improve your quality of life.

Here’s where cryotherapy comes in. As the body reheats itself, it releases anti-inflammatory enzymes into the bloodstream. These then target inflammation in the body and fight against it.

#4: Prevents Dementia

  • In the same way that inflammation causes physical conditions, it can also cause or increase the risk of dementia. Since cryo treatment inherently fights inflammation, it’s possible that it can be used to prevent degenerative disorders like dementia from surfacing completely.

#5: Can Treat Some Types of Cancer

  • This might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t! Medical cryotherapy is a well-known treatment for certain low-risk types of cancer such as Pancreatic Cancer. It works by surrounding cancer cells with ice crystals, preventing them from developing further. Doctors can then remove these cells or at the very least prevent them from growing any further.

#6: Reduces Depression and Anxiety

  • Cryotherapy has been known to treat mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia among others. This works on the same logic as some of the physical conditions listed above. Cryo treatment fights off inflammation and this can help reduce or slow down mood disorders in general.

#7: Improves Skin Conditions

  • Eczema is a specific inflammatory skin condition that has very unpleasant physical and mental consequences for patients. They can experience flaky and dry patches of skin. Cryotherapy is super beneficial for this and other skin conditions because it reduces general inflammation, thereby soothing inflamed and irritated skin.

#8: Treats Migraines

  • Localized cryotherapy on the neck can help treat migraines. The intense cold can help soothe and eventually numb nerves in the neck, meaning migraine pain can’t be felt anymore. While cryo treatment can’t always completely eliminate this type of pain, it does go a long way towards calming down pinched nerves.

The Bottomline

Cryotherapy has been around for a while and is being used by people across ages, genders, and professions. However, no matter how appealing the benefits might seem, don’t forget to consult your doctor before you start out.

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