What is Cellulite and What Are The Reasons for Its Deposition?

what is cellulite

What is cellulite? Its causes and symptoms are discussed in detail below

Cellulite is a cosmetic skin condition that affects a wide majority of women and some males as well. It is characterized by the appearance of lumpy, dented, and dimpled skin in some areas of the body, most noticeably the things and buttocks. Contrary to the common perception, cellulite is not triggered by being overweight, rather there are multiple other factors at play as well. 

Before we take a look at those factors, first understand what causes cellulite. The thighs and hips of a person contain a high percentage of fat cells. These cells are compactly located inside compartments that are made of fibrous cords known as septae. With age, the fat cells grow and there is not enough space to accommodate all fat cells. As a result, the growing weight of fat cells pulls down the septae on the skin. The weight of the cells appears as bulges and folds of skin which is termed as cellulite. 

Now that we have understood what cellulite is, let us take a look at the reasons for its deposition. 

Reasons for Cellulite Deposition

Skin Structure

  • The anatomy of the skin determines the predisposition to cellulite formation. It differs from male to female. For e.g. in males, the septae are arranged in a cross-hatched or diagonal pattern resulting in a smooth and continuous pattern. 

In females, the septae are arranged vertically and run perpendicular to the skin. Due to this arrangement, they bind the skin to the underlying tissues and create tiny chambers. The chambers push the fat cells on the skin while the septae pull them downward. This pull and push make cellulite more prominent and it pops out. 

  • Another notable factor is the dermal thickness of an individual. Men have thicker layers of skin due to which cellulite does not become too apparent. 


  • Men and women have different sex hormones. This difference is another reason for the way their bodies regulate fat and cellulite. Women have higher levels of estrogen, the hormone which regulates fat and leads to its accumulation in the breasts, buttocks, and thighs – the areas with the highest percentage of cellulite. The purpose of this fat building is to use it as a source of energy for childbearing. 

If the levels of estrogen in the body is less than optimal, cellulite tends to become more prominent. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Reduced blood circulation
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Weight gain due to poor regulation of fat in the body

Testosterone has the opposite effect on cellulite. It burns fat which in turn prevents the body from cellulite. 


  • As we age, our connective tissues become lose their elasticity and become less supple. As a result, the fibrous cords pull down on your skin with greater force. At the same time, fat cells accumulate and expand in certain body parts. Due to the collective effect of both these phenomena, cellulite becomes more apparent in the buttocks and thighs. 

Due to the loss of skin elasticity, skin sags under the pull of gravity. This adds to the appearance and volume of cellulite. Hence, age takes a toll on the body, and the appearance of cellulite is one of its many manifestations. 

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